DIY a Bicycle LED Light for Yourself

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There are so many bicycle accidents happen at nighttime because bicycles are not clearly visible to motorists. So it is very important to make yourself more visible to drivers. What should you do? That’s simple, you can put a LED light on your bike.” LED” stands for “light emitting diode” and has the advantage of emitting more lumens than other lights, making your bike brighter to the drivers.
Things You’ Need

LED flashlight or headlamp
Duct or electrical tape
Plastic fasteners

1. If you do not have a LED flashlight, you should go to buy one. You can choose to pay around $15 to buy one from our local hardware store, but you also can only spend 1.99$-6.66$ on LED flashlights from shipping).And the LED flashlight had better has a blinking function.

2. Now you can install the LED flashlight on your bicycle. Attach the flashlight to your bicycle’s handlebar with the duct tape or electrical tape. The most important thing you need to pay attention is the stability. You can also use plastic fasteners for added support. Make sure the light is fastened tightly and that it is stable.

3. Go to check the power button and make sure it is not covered.

4. At last, turn on the LED flashlight and ride around to see the effect. And then check the light again to see whether it is stable enough. Make sure that it won’t fall off or move when you hit a bump. to redditSubmit to StumbleUponShare on Tumblr

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